ISO 15848-1

The gate valves of KVE GmbH kihsco Valves Europe are according to TA-Luft VDI 2440,
DIN EN ISO 15848-1 and have achieved the best possible tightness class “AH” in the temperature range from -29°C – 200°C, as well as the tightness class “CH” in the temperature range from -29°C – 400°C.

The test according to DIN EN ISO 15848-1 is a type test and not, as with VDI 2440, a pure component test. The entire valve and thus the existing construction are subjected to the test and therefore represent a practical test.

The aim of ISO 15848-1 is to enable a classification of the functional safety of different designs and constructions of valves with regard to the reduction of fugitive emissions. It defines the type test for the evaluation and qualification of valves to which standards on fugitive emissions apply.